A Professional MakeUp Artist, Fashion Enthusiast and Pop Culture Junkie. At 23 his goal is to solidify his name as a Creative Mind in the Cayman Islands and hopefully the rest of the world. He’s a Native Caymanian with a rich Jamaican influence. Schooled in the East End of London, England.  The cosmopolitan lifestyle of East London has an extremely strong influence on his aesthetic and mentality and he refuses to let go of the culture – even while living in the Caribbean. He thrives to maintain a Bold and Versatile image with effortless eloquence and poise, embodied through his style and presence. He also hopes to become an Activist for Equality in The Cayman Islands and hopes to represent the LGBTQ community on a national scale as an Ambassador. HE IS FEARLESS AND EDUCATED AND WILL UTILIZE THIS PLATFORM TO EXPRESS HIS MIND IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

his name is Patrick Willis Jr.